Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Leon County 4H and FFA members showcased their projects duringthe 2008 Show. The exhibitors of the top animals in each division werewell rewarded at the Friday night Premium Auction Sale. Prior to the premium Auction, Special presentations were madeincluding the Dedication of the 2008 show to Dave and Paula Barker ofBarker Photography. The Barkers are long time official photographersfor the Leon County Livestock Show and have photographed many exhibitorsof Leon County through the years. Their patience with exhibitors andanimals is well respected among us. Also recognized were the graduating seniors, and this year’sstock show scholarship winners were Elle Terry and Joe Henson, both areactive members of the Buffalo FFA Chapter. Elle and Joe will eachreceive a $1000 scholarship. The 2008 Elverda and Albert SchweinleMemorial Scholarship in the amount of $750 was also presented by theSchweinle great-grandchildren to Bay Loftin of Centerville who is activein the Centerville FFA Chapter and Centerville 4-H Club.. Dorris Ann Courmier prepared and donated the Buyers Dinnerserved prior to the auction. The Leon County Livestock Show Committeeappreciates here generous donation and time that she donates each yearin memory of her parents, Elverda and Albert Schweinle. This years show had two corporate sponsors who helped withshow expenses. These sponsors are Atkinson Toyota and XTO Energy. TheLivestock Show Committee recognizes these corporate contributors for thesupport they are giving the 4-H and FFA members in our county. Individuals and business from across Leon county and surroundingcounties were extremely generous in the purchase of these projects. The2008 Premium Auction Sale totaled $379,650 (compared to $379,000 in2006). Verbal add-on and regular add-ons totaled $123,300, making thegrand total for the 2008 Livestock Show of $502,505 (compared to$502,320 in 2007). The high volume buyer for 2008 was XTO Energyrepresented by Brian Klutz. A big thank you to XTO Energy, one of ourshow sponsors for their support to our livestock show. Sale of Champions Grand Champion Broilers were the first items in the sale ofchampions. The top pen of chickens was raised by Braxton Wilson, of theCenterville 4-H Club, and sold to sold to Anadarko for $2750 with verbaladd-ons of $950. The Reserve Champion Pen of Broilers, exhibited byRandall Hollis of the Leon FFA Chapter sold for $1250 to Steven’sFertilizer, with verbal add-ons of $750. Patrick Pringle a Centerville 4H member, sold his Grand ChampionRabbits to Barrilleaux, Inc., for $2500 plus verbal add-ons of $975. Another Centerville 4-H Club member, Kraig Bates produced the ReserveChampion Rabbits. NRG Texas - Limestone Project Employee Fund and HeadWaters Resources purchased them for $2250 plus verbal add-ons of $1600. The Grand Champion Hog was exhibited by Taylor Cummings ofCenterville 4-H. Her champion hog sold to Barrilleaux, Inc. For $6000with verbal add-ons for $3200. Christy Grayson’s Reserve Champion hogwas purchased for $2500 by Marathon Oil with verbal add-ons fo $900. Christy is a member of the Leon 4-H Club. Sara Ewing a Centerville 4H member, exhibited the Grand ChampionLamb purchased by XTO Energy for $3500 and verbal add-ons of $1650. Another Centerville 4H member, Ryan McCarty exhibited the ReserveChampion Lamb which sold for $3250 to Carter Ranch, and his verbaladd-ons totaled $400.. The Champion Goat was exhibit by Heather Humphries of the Buffalo 4H Club. Heather's goat sold to Davis Feed for $3500 and herverbal add-ons totaled $1720. Trevor Humphries of the Buffalo 4-H Clubexhibited the Reserve Champion goat which sold for $3000 plus $2170 inverbal add-ons. Nashlee Morton, a Leon FFA member, sold her Champion Steer toBuffalo Tank Company – Joe and Margaret Cheek for a record $15,000. Nashlee's verbal add-ons totaled $10,550. Buffalo FFA member Elle Terry, exhibited the Reserve Champion Steer, which sold to BuffaloLivestock for $6000 and $2550 in verbal add-ons. Commercial Heifers were the final items in the sale ofchampions, Jacob Rodell, a Buffalo FFA member, raised the Grand ChampionPen of Heifers. This pen of two heifers sold for $9000 to Adolph Rodellwho was also the breeder of the Champion Pen of Commercial Heifers. Jacob's verbal add-ons totaled $3150. Joe Henson also of the Buffalo FFA Chapter had the Reserve Champion Heifers. Evelyn Hull purchased histwo heifers for $10,500 and his verbal add-ons totaled $3000. Another item sold in the premium sale was the Big Bird (weighing 10 lbs. 5.3 ounces) raised by Cameron Runnerls of the BuffaloFFA Chapter. The Big Bird sold for $900 to Barrilleaux, Inc. Fundsraised from this item go back to the livestock show. The following are results of the rest of the premium sale, bycategory. The exhibitor’s name, club or chapter, price and buyer arelisted. Commercial Heifers: Layne Wilson, Centerville 4-H, $6200, RebelContractors; Cydney Kessler, Oakwood 4-H, $6600, XTO Energy; Taylor Sullivan, Centerville 4-H, $5200, Joey Sullivan; Tyler Morris, Leon 4-H,$5000, Anadarko; Jacob Fishbeck, Buffalo 4-H, $6500, Davis Fee; TaylorMorris, Leon 4-H, $5600, Barrilleaux, Inc.; Reid Courmier, Buffalo 4-H,$6500, Buffalo Industrial; Amy Morris, Leon 4-H, $5200, Producer’sCo-op; Rebecca Smith, Centerville FFA, $4400, Anadarko; Austin Jacobs,Buffalo 4-H, $7400; Buffalo Transportation; Austin Courmier, Buffalo4-H, $5600; Brent Bing; Sam Runge, Leon 4-H, $8500, Busy B Ranch, Nancy& Jimmy Beddingfield; and Kade Wallrath, Centerville 4-H, $5400; Buffalo Industrial. Steers: Cody Oden, Centerville 4-H, $6000; Vaquero Energy Service; Justin Pistone, Centerville 4-H, $3400, Clements Fluids;Clayton McGill, Buffalo 4-H, $3500, Buffalo Tank Company, Inc.; Jacie Jones, Buffalo 4-H, $4000; Dudley Brewer; Taylor McGill, Buffalo 4-H,$3500, Buffalo Tank Company, Inc.; Bay Loftin, Centerville FFA, $4250,XTO Energy; Mason Jonas, Buffalo 4-H, $3750, The Three Amigos (Richmond,Kloessel & amp; Jonas); Brittany Theis, Leon 4-H, $3000, Hightower & amp; Wisemanof Hightower Metal Works, Inc.; Logan Jones, Buffalo 4-H, $3000, Reeder& Sons NAPA Auto Parts; National Champion, Buffalo FFA, $4250, Maurice Champion; Jared Theis, Leon 4-H, $3000; Buffalo Cattle Raisers; Savanna Pistone, Centerville 4-H, $3100; Centerville Feed & Supply; JustinTheis, Leon 4-H, $2900, Encana Oil & Gas; Tyler Parks, Centerville 4-H,$3000, Chad Hammock; Macy Jonas, Buffalo 4-H, $3250; Krooked Tree Ranch; Amy Terry, Buffalo FFA, $3200, Dudley Brewer; Lauren Brooks, Centerville 4-H, $2900, Normangee State Bank/Victor Hillman Group; Stacey Williams Buffalo FFA, $3250, Buffalo Livestock; Dylan Pistone, Centerville 4-H,$2800; T&H Land Company; Travis Powers, Leon 4-H, $3000; Morris Lazy KRanch; Lexie Wall, Centerville 4-H, $2900, Rebel Contractors; Courtney Williams, Buffalo 4-H, $4000, Dudley Brewer; Lariat Emley, Centerville4-H, $3000, Easterling Veterinary Services & Easterling Livestock Services; Tanner Parks, Centerville 4-H, $3300; Rebel Contractors; and Chelsea Padgett, Leon 4-H, $3100, Kountry Korner (Henry Padgett). Broilers: Jared Hawthorne, Buffalo FFA, $1900, Citizens StateBank; Calam Earley, Centerville 4-H, $1100, Cooper Sullivan; Jana Richmond; Oakwood 4-H, $1500, Oakwood Steel Fab; Kortni Hibbard, Buffalo 4-H, $1700; Davis Feed; Micha Watson, Leon FFA, $1600, XTO Energy; Jennifer Hollis, Leon FFA, $1000, Encana Oil & Gas; Makayla Mitcham,Centerville 4-H, $1000, First National Bank; Preston Kornegay,Centerville 4-H, $1400, First National Bank; Cameron Runnels, BuffaloFFA, $1100, Donald Carr Group; Dannie Watson, Leon FFA, $1000, XTO Energy; Moriah Mitcham, Centerville 4-H, $1000; Leon Gas Company; Emma Lampley, Centerville 4-H, $1000, Rodeo Western Wear; and Tamara Miller,Oakwood 4-H, $1400, Circle T Realty. Rabbits: Morgan Anderson, Buffalo 4-H, $900, Donald Carr Group; Shay Hastings, Leon 4-H, $900, Humble Tooling; Erin Trahan, Buffalo 4-H$1300, XTO Energy; Kara Jo Harris, Centerville 4-H, $900, Sheriff Mike Price; Damon Magourik, Buffalo 4-H, $900, Donald Carr Group; Ben Reeder,Buffalo 4-H, $2300, Reeder Tire & Oil; Bradlie Crowley, Centerville 4-H,$2400, Circle T Realty; Colten Walch, Centerville 4-H, $900,Barrilleaux, Inc.; Brooke Trahan, Buffalo 4-H, $1200; XTO Energy; Taylor Shelton, Buffalo 4-H, $2600, Randall Shelton; Layne Shelton, Buffalo4-H, $2500, Randall Shelton; Kaylen Rayborn, Buffalo 4-H, $1400,Wil-Call; and Aaron Wright, Centerville 4-H, $900, Ward & Cindy Easterling.Lambs: Katie Ellis, Centerville 4-H, $1800, Anadarko; Shelby Stotts,Centerville 4-H, $1200, Stevens Feed & Fertilizer; Allison Ewing,Centerville 4-H, $2100, Centerville News; Brittany Beggs, Centerville 4-H, $2100, Third Coast Environmental; Colton Morman, Buffalo 4-H,$1700, Barrilleaux, Inc.; Marissa Wall, Centerville 4-H, $1800,Madisonville State Bank; Kellie Wylie, Leon 4-H, $1600, Marian Ward; and Caleb Wright, Centerville 4-H, $1200, Circle T Realty. Goats: Christy Cockrell, Oakwood 4-H, $1300, Encana Oil & Gas; Dylan Ansley, Buffalo 4-H, $2100, First National Bank; Logan Freeman, Buffalo4-H, $1500, Citizens State Bank; Kelcey Cockrell, Oakwood 4-H, $1200;Davis Feed; Charlee Cockrell, Oakwood 4-H, $1600, Oakwood Youth Support Group; Natalee Freeman, Buffalo 4-H, $1600, Cattle Country; CalvinYoung, Buffalo 4-H, $1600, Wil-Call; Kadie Shafer, Centerville 4-H,$2100, Centerville Feed & Supply; Joseph Lewis, Buffalo 4-H, $1000,Encana Oil & Gas; Sara Burchfield, Buffalo 4-H, $1500, Brookshire Brothers; Matthew Roach, Buffalo 4-H, $2500, Rebel Contractors; Justin Stotts, Centerville FFA, $1100, Leon Gas company; Kaitlyn Burnes, Leon4-H, $1200, XTO Energy; Heather Lancaster, Oakwood 4-H, $1300, OakwoodYouth Support Group; and Clayton Smith, Centerville FFA, $1100, Cattle County. Hogs: Kaila Grissett, Buffalo 4-H, $1900, Anadarko; Colton Ferguson,Buffalo FFA, $1800, Hesco; Edmund Clark, Centerville 4-H, $1600, NucorSteel; Meghan Shaver, Buffalo 4-H, $1500, Nucor Steel; T. J. Tadlock,Leon 4-H, $2000, Henson Family Dealership; Jake Lowry, Leon 4-H, $1500,Morris Lazy K Ranch; Bailey Hennesey, Centerville 4-H, $1500, KrookedTree Ranch; Gracie Ferguson, Buffalo 4-H, $4000; Citizens State Bank;Kendall Lee, Buffalo 4-H, $1800, Reeder & Sons NAPA Auto Parts; JustinDeBorde, Buffalo 4-H, $1900, Leon County Elected Officials; Ross Beshears, Centerville 4-H, $2300, State Bank of Jewett; Reagan Read,Buffalo 4-H, $1700, XTO Energy; Bryce Ainsworth, Buffalo 4-H, $2100,Enbridge Pipeline; Allison Grissett, Buffalo 4-H, $1500, Donald CarrGroup; Callie Padgett, Centerville FFA, $2500, Kountry Korner (HenryPadgett); Colton Carr, Buffalo 4-H, $1700, Buffalo Tank Company, Inc.;Justin Carr, Buffalo 4-H, $1600, Jones Construction; Emily Grissett,Buffalo 4-H, $1600, Donald Carr Group; Christopher Nash, Leon 4-H,$2400, Kountry Korner (Henry Padgett); Courtney Clark, Centerville 4-H,$1600, Rebel Contractors; Travis Hillman, Leon 4-H, $1400, Nucor Steel;Kyle Read, Buffalo 4-H $2500, Jones Construction; Kirk Mitcham,Centerville 4-H, $1300, Dry Creek Construction; Logan Cummings,Centerville 4-H, $1600, Rebel Contractors; Hannah Mullins, Buffalo 4-H;$1500, Buffalo Distributing; Jared Watkins, Centerville 4-H, $1300,Sullivan Classic Homes; Heather Tubb, Centerville 4-H, $1300, WardEasterling Group; Lane Agapiou, Oakwood 4-H, $2700, XTO Energy; AaronSnow, Buffalo 4-H, $2600, Citizens State Bank; Preslie Padgett,Centerville FFA, $3300, Kountry Korner (Henry Padgett); Nicholas Martin,Leon 4-H, $3500, Nucor Steel; Austin Rayborn, Buffalo 4-H, $3600,Buffalo Tank Company, Inc.; and Shauna Watkins, Centerville 4-H, $3200,XTO Energy. The Leon County Youth Livestock Show Committee would like to thank everyone for supporting this years show and the fine youth of our county.

Submitted by Melinda Wilson LeonCounty Livestock Show Secretary

Tommy Neyland, CEA-AgTexas Agrilife Extension Service
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